BROWNS Teacher Selection Process

We carefully check the qualifications and references of all teacher applicants. If a candidate satisfies our selection criteria, the Academic Management Team will carry out an interview. If candidates meet the minimum qualifications and experience required as per ASQA AND they also demonstrate that they align with BROWNS core values then they may be asked to join the BROWNS teaching team.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Classroom

We are proud of the world-class caliber of our teaching team. At BROWNS we are careful to choose career teachers who are passionate about the ESL classroom and ensuring our students receive the best possible education. Our teacher induction process means that new teachers are supported through their initial months at BROWNS and are correctly trained in how we like our classes to be delivered at BROWNS. The Academic Management Team conducts regular teaching observations and feedback sessions with our teachers, as well as providing a supportive and collegial atmosphere in which ideas and good practice can be shared.

BROWNS Professional Development Workshops

BROWNS hold professional development workshops for their teaching team every quarter while it also conducts a personalized 5 step professional development program for all teachers. This program requires teachers to reflect upon their teaching and in conjunction with the Academic Management Team develop a tailored plan for their own professional development. These requests are then followed up by the Director of Studies or the Senior Academic Team in interactive workshops designed to ensure our teachers are always on the cutting edge of teaching practice.

The BROWNS Teaching Style

Our philosophy is that for every hour that the student spends in class, they should be able to identify clear learning outcomes. Our teaching team is responsible for providing this focused learning environment. However, clear class focuses don't mean dull classes! At BROWNS, we want to bring the language and learning alive. We want to motivate, inspire, enthuse, and empower students to achieve rapid progress in the English language. We discourage the use of dry photocopies and dull texts. We prefer our classes to be hands-on, communicative and interactive.