Rochedale State High School

Male & Female

Established 1983


18-30 mins drive from BROWNS

Rochedale State High School

Rochedale State High School

School Information

Year established: 1983
Number of students: 1330

School facilities

  • New Trade Training Academy, specialising in engineering
  • Modern, innovative, technology facilities
  • Multimedia, film and television studio
  • Dance and performance auditorium
  • Operational agricultural school farm
  • Modern science centre, with specialised chemistry, physics and biology facilities
  • Multi-level, modern Year 7 centre
  • Recording studio
  • Extracurricular activities

  • Exciting international camps and tours program
  • Access to interschool sport, musical and cultural programs
  • Agricultural shows throughout
  • South East Queensland
  • Performing arts, dance and instrumental music opportunities
  • Languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Special programs

  • Engineering Excellence program
  • Development programs in touch football and volleyball
  • Cultural development programs incorporating dance, drama and music
  • Extension mathematics, science, information technology, instrumental music
  • Marine and Aquatic Practices
  • Agricultural science program, incorporating the school farm
  • Engineering, fitness, furnishing construction, hospitality certificate courses and business certificate courses
  • English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) support provided in a purpose-built International
  • Student Centre
  • Schedule of Fees and Levies (2018)*

    Applications received for studies commencing in 2018 will continue to be invoiced at the 2018 fee rate for studies completed in 2018.
  • Year 7 - 10 = $13,832 per year
  • Year 11 - 12 = $15,640 per year
  • Schedule of Fees and Levies (2019)*

    Applications received after 29 June 2018 for studies commencing in 2019 will be invoiced at the 2019 fee rate.
  • Year 7 - 10 = $14,316 per year
  • Year 11 - 12 = $16,188 per year

  • * Indicative fees only. Other fees or levies may apply. Please visit EQI for full fee schedule:

    High School’s Indicative English Pathway Requirements


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  • particular school facilities;
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    Last updated: 27 March 2017